Friday, February 28, 2014

"It's Stompin' Time" Might Work, Gorgon

In a Marvel blog, you can never have too much clobberin', I always say. Which means it's time for another round of:

Now, let's see--where did we leave off last time? If I'm not mistaken, I think an orange rock-like fist was connecting with a super-villain leading with his chin! But any foe of the Thing's should keep in mind that he loves to multi-task:

So let's find a few more chins to wallop!

First of all, just because you happen to have a beard doesn't make you any less a target. In fact, it's kind of like guiding the Thing in for a landing:

There's also the case of a rampaging foe, like the Hulk--who's really had more than his share of being clobbered by just about everybody, but who generally spoils for a fight and is rarely disappointed where the Thing is concerned:

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting the Hulk to have a rebuttal:

I could say the same for Gorgon, though it's clear he doesn't share the Hulk's opinion:

And if Dr. Doom has his way, the Thing's battle cry may be discontinued:

Yes, good luck with that, Victor. Better fiends than you have tried. Like this next guy (and if you can guess his identity, you get a no-prize):

Alright, alright, our mystery opponent wasn't really a fiend, so I cheated. What are you going to do, clobber me?

Let's instead see how an expert does it.

Annnnd we're outta here 'til next time.  When will these guys learn to wind their watches?


Anonymous said...

C.F., I love this post. Ben Grimm has always been my favorite comic book character. I always loved to see Ben put some serious hurt on alien invaders, extra-dimensional tyrants, ass-clown super-villains, and even Doctor Doom.
It's always refreshing to see somebody stand up and clobber a bully.
(Did a bit of that myself, once or twice, back in my wayward youth!)

Anonymous said...

As a big Fantastic Four fan, I am always a happy camper when you provide clips from my favorite comic. By the way, I could be wrong, but I think that Crystal may yet make a return to the Fantastic Four! The title's sales have been lagging and they could use her mighty powers to help lift sales!

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