Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Battered By--Blockbuster!

Judging by this cover, it's reasonably safe to say that the Man-Brute didn't care much for retirement:

He's also obviously still just as peeved as he was when we were first introduced to him, having just finished a stretch in the big house (a/k/a "the slammer," "the pen", "the pokey," take your pick) only to be used by a scientist to gain revenge on Captain America. But with this new appearance, we're at least getting to the bottom of the reason why this man has been so embittered:

And so the newly named "Blockbuster" is going all-out to help his son. Which would normally be an admirable thing for an ex-con to be focused on--except that his idea of not being a "deadbeat dad" is to knock over banks for the cash he needs:

Enter Omega the Unknown, who's going to attempt to stop Blockbuster's rampage. After this fight's over, I'm afraid we still won't know much about Omega--nor, I'm afraid, will Blockbuster's son ever know his father. (Though, come to think of it, that may be a good thing.)

We might as well start by seeing Omega get knocked around a little (okay, a lot) when he first encounters Blockbuster, proving that heroic intentions don't always win the day.

Nor does Round Two cut our hero any slack:

At this point we're tempted to rename this hero "Omega the Punching Bag," since he's demonstrating that he's only one-half of the phrase "the strong, silent type." But as the battle continues, he sees another side to Blockbuster, and follows his gut:

Naturally, from what we've seen of Blockbuster, this gesture of Omega's isn't likely to change Blockbuster's attitude nor his method of providing a nest egg for his son. And, sure enough, Omega runs across him later while he's pulling another bank heist. It's logical to sometimes assume that what previously worked before will work again--but, what if your efforts didn't work before?

I don't think Omega is thinking that far ahead.

Frankly, it's looking like curtains for Omega--I mean, Blockbuster is the guy who nearly mopped up Captain America. Fortunately, Omega has someone looking out for him; or, to put it more accurately, someone is looking at Blockbuster, as a target:

Yes, the Foolkiller--not the original, but definitely as deadly, as he's just proven with the unfortunate Blockbuster. We see that the Foolkiller hasn't quite made up his mind about Omega--but with the cancellation of Omega's book with the next issue, it's clear that the book's readers didn't have that problem.

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