Monday, May 20, 2013

Switch Hitters

Man, you know you're a successful super-team when your foes keep sending facsimiles of yourselves against you.

The good news is that there's a tried-and-true tactic you can use against facsimiles that seems to work every time:

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Anonymous said...

C.F., you must have an exhaustive comics library. I remember this episode where Galactus sent down these diabolical doppelgangers just to delay the F.F. I saw it in the reprints, Marvel's Greatest Comics.
This was great stuff. After the F.F. went down into the microverse the shanghai the Silver Surfer into doing one last beer run for Galactus, they get into a knock-down, drag-em'-out fight with Phycho-Man. Ben Grimm beats the hell out of that sub-dimensional tyrant, and Earth is saved. I ask you, do comics get any better that this? Just sayin'.