Thursday, May 2, 2013

Man vs. Module

When the Leader unleashed the Murder Module against the Hulk for the first time, it really didn't get much of a workout before the Hulk trashed it. But it was nice of the Army to repair it and keep it in storage for the day when the Leader would return and need to use it once again. And that's the way things went down, when the Leader later captured all of Gamma Base and its contingent of soldiers--as well as General Ross, Doc Samson, and Bruce Banner, who was now free of his curse of the Hulk. Samson and Ross agreed that only the Hulk, whose rage and simple mind had proven able to resist the Leader's mental powers, could get them out of this mess--but Banner flatly refused to return to being the green behemoth.

And yet, Banner hatched a plan where he would direct the Hulk's attack. What's going on?

Well, if you're the Leader, and you're on the run from an angry Hulk and you stumble across a weapon, you're going to take care of first things first. And so the Murder Module makes its reappearance after being in mothballs, with the Leader once again at its controls:

The module's legs were its weak point the last time out, but it looks like the Leader doesn't intend for history to repeat itself:

Yet repeat it does, as the Hulk "leaps" once again for the module's dome. But is this the Hulk or Iron Man?

And you just know that if we saw the Hulk take flight using foot jets, then it didn't escape the notice of the Leader. And he reacts accordingly:

Once the Hulk hits the ground, the deception is revealed--this Hulk is nothing but a robot, controlled by a special interface harness worn by Banner. But before the scientist can disengage, the Leader uses the module to score its first victory against "the Hulk," with perhaps fatal consequences for Banner:

To shorthand it for you, Banner survives because Samson is able to save his life by giving him enough gamma rays to return him to being the Hulk. (Which conveniently happened to coincide with the desire to use the Hulk against the Leader, but we'll haul Ross and Samson before a board of inquiry another time.) Once the Hulk is on the loose, it's sayonara Leader, who didn't have time to scramble back into the Murder Module and take another shot at the real Hulk.

As for the module itself, it was probably either carted back to storage or disassembled, since it hasn't ever reappeared. Army ordnance never really scored one for the "win" column with the module. They probably need someone like Ultron to come in and turn the thing into some kind of transformer.

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