Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Derring-Do of the Dashing Fandral!

As part of the "Warriors Three," the style of Fandral, the Dashing doesn't get as much of the battle limelight as his mace-wielding partner, Hogun the Grim, or his boisterous, bellowing comrade-at-arms, the voluminous Volstagg--though with his flair for swordplay, you'd think Fandral and limelight would go hand-in-hand together. As an Asgardian, perhaps there is no place at the front of the charge for a warrior who isn't bloodthirsty and eager to run you through or club you on sight, instead preferring to swing on draperies and toy with his adversaries in a display of superior skill. Yet when it comes down to it, Fandral has the battle lust of any Asgardian, and can rage at a foe with the best of them; but when the opportunity presents itself to display a more deft touch with the sword, Fandral indulges in battle as only he can.

Fandral is arguably the most dynamic of his three comrades, and unquestionably the best showman, with his tendency to impart lessons to his foes on how to become more polished in battle while enjoying the experience. More often than not, his banter can prove as frustrating to those who take him on as his obvious and seemingly casual ability to humiliate them.

Even in the heat of battle--sometimes especially in the heat of battle--it's difficult to separate Fandral from his ego and self-confidence. Granted, you'd be hard-pressed to find an Asgardian who wasn't confident in their ability to defeat their foe; but you could make the case that Fandral's assuredness in his skill bolsters that confidence and his desire to win, as he'll gladly attempt to prevail against near-impossible odds--the more pressed upon, the better. And you certainly can't argue with results.

It's on Earth, of course, where the gods of Asgard stand out in both appearance as well as their regard for mortals. When the Warriors Three received their own "Marvel Spotlight" during one of the times they'd followed Thor to Midgard, they were bound to go out adventuring--though with these three, trouble almost always finds them.

This 1976 story began with that spotlight, as usual, finding its way to Fandral--and literally, at that, when he ascends the wall of a building to talk down a woman who appears intent on ending her life.

The search for Mary's fiancé leads Fandral and his comrades to a local watering hole (courtesy of an obliging drunken fellow they encounter named "Rags," who's more than happy to lead the way). But information doesn't come easily from these patrons, though Fandral will likely consider the evening a success either way.

Earth has other diversions to offer Fandral, of course--yet in one rather indiscriminate encounter, it's clear where this man's priorities lie when push, as in this case, comes to shove.

So if you should happen upon this daring Asgardian while looking to test your mettle, and decide for whatever reason that you're his match, you're certainly welcome to step up and make your challenge. But just keep in mind that no matter how good you think you are: spar with Fandral, the Dashing--and school is now in session, bumpkin.


Anonymous said...

Fandral and Volstagg are like characters from a Shakespeare play while Hogun looks like Genghis Khan - a very odd trio of Asgardians !

Anonymous said...

Dashing Fandral--the scourge of knaves, villains, and bumpkins everywhere!
I think Fandral was based on Douglas Fairbanks, Volstagg was modeled on Falstaff, and Hogun was inspired by Charles Bronson! Read that somewhere, anyway.
Now that is an interesting combination!
Kind of reminds me of the Magnificent Seven, only less guys.

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