Monday, March 21, 2016

Your Estee Lauder Is My Command


Name This Marvel Villain??

Cross the path of the deadly Karisma, and you're enslaved for as long as it suits her pleasure. And it seems her pleasure is derived mainly from assault and robbery, as the Thing discovers when he's on the scene to foil an armored car hold-up. But where the Thing could normally have this crime scene wrapped up without even breaking a sweat, it only takes Karisma lifting her enticing veil to bend this powerhouse to her will.

With the Thing in tow, Karisma's tour of crime in the city has the police responding; and their sirens draw the attention of the Invisible Girl, who investigates and is shocked to find her friend and partner on the rampage for no apparent reason.

The Thing, completely in Karisma's thrall and no stranger to the tactics of the Invisible Girl, uses his power to escape Sue's entrapment--and from there, Sue is in a running fight with the Thing, fending off his attacks as best she can. But, what's the deal with Karisma, anyway? What's the source of her power--and why does it affect only males? For the answer, we have to flash back to her employment in R&D at a cosmetic company, and a startling discovery which allowed her to turn the tables on her superiors and begin a new life for herself.

Meanwhile, Sue has barely kept ahead of the Thing's pursuit--and when all seems lost, she finds a moment to deduce how Karisma employs her power. But it (literally) remains to be seen how Karisma's veil holds the key, a discovery which Sue's unique power is well suited to bring to light.

We'll have to chalk Sue's pun up to exhaustion. (You'd think that writer John Byrne could "make up" something more creative, eh?)

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