Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flipping Off The Smartphone

While I fully admit that at one time I was pretty hyped on having a smartphone, and having fun adapting my love of comic books to its display, eventually I realized that I had little to no use for a smartphone--which perhaps amounts to geek heresy for some of you, so feel free to hurl your tomatoes.  However, I'm happy to report that I've returned to a style of phone I once enjoyed immensely, and which seems to be making a comeback.

(It goes without saying that my custom displays have been downsized.)


Anonymous said...

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone in 2012 which cost me £378 (about $550) and after 3 years I rarely use it either - and by now they've reached the S6 (or is it the S7 - I've lost count) so my very expensive 3 year-old phone feels like a dinosaur already. I'll stick with smartphones but I'll buy a cheaper model next time. Bah, all this modern technology - bring back telegrams.

Comicsfan said...

"I've lost count" indeed, Colin. It's funny how so many new versions of a smartphone are released, when it seems most come out in order to keep up with "the other guy" and avoid looking like yesterday's news. How about a display that lets you see what's on the screen in broad daylight? How about reception that's at least on par with a land line and crystal clear 100% of the time, and doesn't give you the impression that you're on a walkie-talkie? It's difficult for me to see a reason to invest in a device that won't meet me halfway on functionality.

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