Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Old Realm

Or: "Who Needs A Workforce When You've Got Thor?"

Let's say you're in Asgard while it's under reconstruction after the damage caused by the rampage of the Destroyer. If you're one of Asgard's finest, pitching in, you've certainly got your work cut out for you, with all the monuments and palaces you've got to repair or rebuild. In fact, it looks like none other than Balder the Brave is charged with the task of being Overseer:

Take a good look at that Pillar of Sovereignty. No, we're not interested in making any "size matters" comments about Odin's penchant for *ahem* erecting very large symbols of his rule for all to see. Just focus on the considerable task of putting something that enormous into place with a bunch of pulleys and rope. We're talking about days of work, maybe weeks, even for Asgardians.

Now imagine how the whole operation hinges on the "master cable" staying intact. Maybe these guys should be asking Tony Stark to loan them some of his engineers:

Fortunately, Balder has the God of Thunder for a best friend--who not only saves the day and prevents loss of life, but performs this whole job by himself in a matter of seconds:

I love how Thor simply excuses himself, as if this was but a trifle use of his time. As for Balder--well, why was he doing things the hard way, anyway? If you're tasked with a major repair project, wouldn't you want on your workforce someone who wrote the book on using a hammer?

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Anonymous said...

This Old Realm!!! I get it. What's next? New Asgardian Workshop?

When you're only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The Prowler (hammering in the morning, hammering in the evening, hammering all over this laaaand).

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