Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sadly, "Scarface" Was Taken


Name This Marvel Villain??

After hearing the connection our mystery villain has with the Punisher, it's not difficult to guess the reason for either his chosen name or his vendetta against Frank Castle:

Although Jigsaw trained himself to be on a par with the Punisher in both fighting skill and armament, he and Castle took very different paths in their vigilante careers--with Jigsaw gravitating toward the criminal/gang-hit element. Castle can arguably be said to have something of a conscience--whereas Jigsaw, for instance, in his intent to draw Castle out into the open, has murdered four people. Spider-Man had been working with the Punisher to investigate and discover the true murderer, though Jigsaw's men were able to get the drop on him:

Fortunately, Nightcrawler, whose friend had been one of those murdered, had been close by, and he intervenes to stop Jigsaw from murdering the hostages he'd taken (as well as Spider-Man). And while Jigsaw wants more than anything else to see the Punisher dead, he can read the writing on the wall when Spider-Man is freed and is able to join forces with Nightcrawler and the Punisher against him:

Though I wouldn't exactly say the battle between Spider-Man and Jigsaw would be one that would go down in comics history:

Eventually, Jigsaw's gang is routed, and the man himself is taken into custody. Though to add insult to injury, it seems Jigsaw failed to make much of a first impression on the man he would later consider his nemesis.

Jigsaw would go on to have extensive involvement in the Punisher's affairs, as well as further altercations with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Hood. Beyond the obvious, I honestly don't see what was so compelling about this man to writers that he was repeatedly brought back.  In fact, maybe his vendetta should really have been against his surgeon.


Anonymous said...

Or his tailor. Yellow tights?
Who does he think he is, Bananaman?
You wouldn't catch Wolverine wearing, uh,... *

Anonymous said...

You've got to admire his sense of humour - calling himself Jigsaw with a face like that. Doctor Doom on the other hand would be mortified if anybody got the slightest glimpse of his face.

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