Sunday, March 23, 2014

Most Patriotic Hubcap Ever

When it comes to comics characters, we readers deal with the improbable all the time, in terms of what a character is actually able to do with their ability or super-power. And since it "comes with the territory" we indulge in, we generally suspend our disbelief when something comes off as a bit of a stretch, and instead just kick back and enjoy the story. (Which is part of the fun of the experience of reading comic books, but I don't have to tell you that.)

But, to this day, I still find amusement in trying to make sense of the variables that have to line up in order for Captain America's shield to be used like this:

Since we can assume, judging by the artwork, that the shield isn't wedged into the truck's front fender or any other part of the truck, there's got to be something else holding it in place, right? Especially with the force of the street plus the tire's rotation putting pressure on it.

So here are our choices. Does Cap's shield have:
a) Magnetic properties left over from Tony Stark's tinkering?

b) Extendable spikes that allow it to clamp onto a target?

c) An anti-centrifugal coating that resists a spinning tire's ability to fling it away on contact?

d) Hidden mini-nozzles that release the Trapster's paste when Cap touches a stud on his glove?

Or, to really grasp at a straw:

e) The ability to adapt and adhere to the size of any tire on contact, thanks to a hex from the Scarlet Witch?

For what it's worth, I doubt the answer would have helped the two hoods driving this truck.  They sure don't seem like the type who would read comics for fun.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm an old comic fan myself, and I have most of the issues of this classic run, but I have absolutely no idea how throwing a shield at somebody's truck tire could stop the truck.
This is kind of a head-scratcher.

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