Monday, March 24, 2014

Crisis at the Comic-Con!

What's this? Tony Stark is looking for something crazy to do in San Diego??
You and I have just the thing!

Good thing he's already got a custom-made costume handy.

Naturally, the Marvel delegation is well-represented:

As for "Iron Man," while he's no stranger to interacting with civilians in the line of duty, he's probably never interacted with his fan base on this level:

"This," of course, is the unexpected appearance of villains--namely, the Melter, Whiplash, and Man-Bull.  Unfortunately, they're not simply convention-goers dressed in costume.

Iron Man doesn't have an easy time dealing with these three, but eventually they're shown the door. And as a result, Iron Man gets quite a different reception from when he first walked in.

At least, for the most part:


Anonymous said...

Did we ever get a final answer as to who came up with the idea for the nose?

The Prowler (speechless just speechless).

Comicsfan said...

We'd have to lay the blame at the door of writer Mike Friedrich, Prowler. This post should elaborate on the whole thing.

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