Friday, January 31, 2014

One Of Us Isn't Thinking Clearly

Take one swashbuckling hero, addled by overexposure to radium:

Mix in a certain red-white-and-blue Avenger fighting in an exhibition event:

And you've got all the makings of a grudge match (without, you know, an actual grudge):

It's Captain America vs. Daredevil--and this crowd's gonna go wild!

It's Daredevil, of course, who's going to get his licks in first, since (a) DD wasn't on the bill so Cap wasn't expecting him, and (b) Cap certainly wasn't under the impression that Daredevil was gunning for him. But, just between you and me, let's hope DD is able to put Cap away with these opening sucker punches. Otherwise, ol' Hornhead may find he's bitten off more than he can chew:

As you might imagine, Cap isn't one to be a punching bag for an opponent--and he uses his shield to regain the advantage, though still at a loss as to why Daredevil has attacked. That is, until he suspects that the man he's fighting isn't really DD at all:

With the momentum now his, Cap fully intends to keep it. And in the condition he's in mentally, Daredevil is hard-pressed to cope with Cap's strength or battle savvy, much less counter it:

But, to Daredevil's credit, the battle goes back and forth, despite one of these men fighting a battle with himself as well as with his opponent:

At last, though, the effect of DD's overexposure begins to wear off, and he's able to take off without further incident. Though I dare say, Cap must be the poster boy for giving someone the benefit of the doubt:

So why don't we turn the tables a bit? The next time these two meet in battle, it's Cap who's not in his right mind, with Daredevil wondering just what the heck is going on:

With the presence of Dr. Faustus, it's clear that Cap has fallen under his manipulative control and made to join the side of the subversive National Force. But even when Cap is directed to kill Daredevil, DD still has a hard time believing it:

As Daredevil fights to free Cap from Faustus' grip, he finds that Cap's skill and strength aren't as dulled as his mind:

Fortunately, DD's gambit with the oil drum pays off, as the fresh paint that he'd earlier detected on Cap's shield dissolves to reveal this deadly illusion to Cap's own eyes:

Which is bad news for Faustus, the National Force, and eventually for the Grand Director (who's already battled it out with Cap under another name). This time, DD hangs around to give Cap a hand in taking them down--so maybe he's more than made up for that earlier misunderstanding, hmm?

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