Friday, October 23, 2015

Hornhead vs. Hornhead


Name This Marvel Villain??

If someone were to hand you a picture of a comic book character who looked like a cross between a man and a bull, and asked you to think of a name for him, what would probably be the first thing to pop into your head? Given that "Taurus" and "the Minotaur" were already taken, we can likely assume that it took all of five seconds to name the Man-Bull--a hireling of the mysterious Mister Kline who was looking to snatch a pair of human guinea pigs off the streets to undergo experimentation by another Kline hireling, the Professor. But the victims' struggles caught the eye super-sensitive ears of Daredevil--and what "Bull" Taurus (ha ha, get it?) ended up with instead was a bruising by the Man Without Fear.

Consequently, Kline orders "Bull" to act as a substitute for the Professor's experiment:

Meanwhile, Daredevil has another run-in with Taurus's small gang of hoodlums, and is drugged and carted back to the lab--just in time to see how his former sparring partner is now just a tad more of a match for him.

That is, if DD lets this guy just charge into him. Fortunately, our hero has the good sense to stay out of the Man-Bull's way, while using the brute's strength against him.

That's not to say the Man-Bull doesn't score one or two hits with Daredevil. But eventually, one last unplanned collision lands the Man-Bull in police custody, and eventually prison.

As unimpressive as this villain's debut is, the Man-Bull actually goes on to make quite a few more appearances in Marvel books over the years, even teaming up with other villains in various groups (including, yes, the Frightful Four).


Anonymous said...

For alternative names what about Bull Man ? Toro ? Bull-dozer ? Bully Beef ? (I'm getting desperate now).

Anonymous said...

The Maddening Menace of the Man-Bull!!!
...Daredevil just didn't get the first pick of arch-enemies, did he? When I think of his rogues gallery, all I can say is, there were a lotta low cards in that hand.

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