Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hey, Mikey! You're An Avenger!

Not since the likes of Not Brand Echh have we seen a hero using a stew pot to conceal their identity. Of course we're talking about none other than the heroic clod known as Forbush-Man:

Leave it to Assistant Editors' Month to find a way to pay homage to this fictional and often-trod-upon employee of Marvel Comics--or, rather, that trademark metal helmet of his.  And that brings us to the opening pages of Invincible Iron Man #178--featuring Iron Man's much younger stand-in (along with his fellow "Avengers") in the process of putting the bag on a perp.

We're all probably eager to see the wrath of Blackie's mom--but there's a more important matter demanding our attention. Because the adult Iron Man is currently caught in the backlash of Tony Stark's descent into alcoholism--and since the Avengers have been forced to accept Iron Man's resignation from their ranks (conveyed through Stark's close friend, James Rhodes), their kid counterparts find themselves put in a very uncomfortable position.

Jeez!  These kids need a stern tongue-lashing from Jarvis!  What sad fate awaits Mikey?

In his current condition, Stark isn't affected in the same way by this turn of events as young Mikey--yet the result is the same, with both now wandering the streets bereft of purpose. Though in Mikey's case, there's one vengeful kid waiting in the wings who won't hesitate to take advantage of the situation:

Having usurped "Iron Man's" identity, the Avenger-in-disguise proceeds to conduct a reign of terror throughout the neighborhood, the likes of which those who once trusted him have never seen. And since he's effectively in disguise, this wearer of Iron Man's stew pot helmet knows that whatever he does will be blamed on someone else.

But what of the former Iron Man? Like his adult idol, Mikey also wanders the streets drowning his sorrows (though in Mikey's case, he'll only have to make amends to his dentist). Yet thanks to a harsh confrontation by the Avengers, he realizes he must reclaim the identity of Iron Man, and restore his honor!

Tony Stark, of course, has more personal demons to deal with than Mikey, and would take a longer and more winding path toward redemption with his close friends and with the Avengers. But Mikey's situation is different, and his costumed friends know that justice and honor need not wait to be bestowed on him again.

Did you remember where Mikey got his inspiration in launching his attack?

If only Mikey had sent Asst. Editor Michael Carlin crashing into some trash cans, as well.

COMING UP NEXT in our look at

The Spectacular Knees of Spider-Man!


david_b said...

Sidenote..: In the few times I've seen Tony use those rollerskates in action, they've always been extremely lame and underwhelming. Period.

For a guy who can muster up limited spaceflight and enough firepower to give Thor a good tussle..,

"and he's using rollerskates..?"

Who's idea was that..?

And where do the wheels go under his feet..?


Comicsfan said...

david, IM has had his wheels ever since his golden armor days. You can get a closer look at them when he uses them in battle against the Titanium Man.

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