Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last One To The Hall of Heroes Carries Volstagg

Asgardians are probably the type of warriors who become quite--irritated--at having idle time to kill, rather than a horde of foes.   So how do they occupy their time when there's no enemy at the gates? However they choose to fill the hours until the call to battle, it's a fair bet it's going to be done impressively and with spirit.  Whether it's to challenge themselves to a task of some sort:

Or to test their mettle against one another:

But there are times when the Asgardians enjoy taking their ease when it's well-deserved--a reward for a battle well met.  And in those times when they're not clashing steel with foe or with fellows, never let it be said that the Asgardians don't know how to appreciate their down time.


Anonymous said...

This is so clearly Norse mythology as seen through a Shakespearean lens - Fandral and Volstagg are straight out of a Shakespeare play (but Hogun looks like he got lost from Genghis Khan's hordes) and it all looks very un-Norselike to me. I can only imagine what the real super-macho Norsemen would have made of Volstagg and Fandral "the dashing" !!

Comicsfan said...

All very good points, Colin!

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