Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dashing Through The Debris Particulate...

It's been over two years since the PPC checked in on Iron Man doing a good deed for a hapless civilian--and before the golden Avenger became obsessed with hunting down his fellow heroes, we know that he came in quite handy in helping ordinary people in trouble. Er, as long as he hadn't been drowning his sorrows before heading out to avert a crisis, that is:

But before you start thinking that maybe Iron Man should stick to jumping dead batteries for stranded motorists, he eventually took his twelve steps back to sobriety, and soon he was once again available for preventing disaster. And once again, we find his services needed in a heavy traffic situation, where it seems a current-day political issue was a concern even in late 1989:

Gee--apparently we've spent at least 25 years deluding ourselves into thinking that our bridges, buildings and roads were "built to last." Maybe we need a Department of Homeland Maintenance or something. Fortunately, Iron Man isn't about to wait around for the bureaucracy to get it in gear, especially when lives are at stake:

Though it's too bad it couldn't be a happy ending all around:

You'll be glad to know that Stark set this nice family up with an all-expense-paid weekend where there's real snow--at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming.

(Not really. I suppose he thought he'd done enough for one day.)

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