Monday, March 24, 2014

Only The Best And Brightest Need Apply

If you blinked, you would have missed the point in Invincible Iron Man when Tony Stark's company went from being "Stark Industries" to "Stark International"--no small shift in scope by a company as visible as Stark's. We readers only learn of the announcement through a private conversation between Stark and his closest friends:

It was only when the company was completely rebuilt after the villain Midas had bulldozed and renovated it to his own vision when Stark International received a full unveiling to the world, formalizing its shift from munitions manufacturing to R&D. "Midas International" was then replaced with an all-new complex, heralding the end of Stark's long and stressful period of "reordered priorities." Have a look at this two-page spread of the new company by artist Keith Pollard (with inks by Joe Rubinstein). Welcome to the future, Mr. Stark!

(Yeah, that's right--a whole building for housing and rec facilities. Wotta boss!)

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