Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Scientists Clash


Name This Marvel Villain??

You might be tempted to call this guy trailer trash, but give him a break--he just used to work out of one. Complete with underground lab, of course--what's any self-respecting villain without one? Still, his schemes were backed with technology and secrets he pilfered from others--namely, his former gang boss, as well as Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Meet Doctor Nemesis, a former gang member who began his costumed career by an accidental encounter with Henry Pym when he was trapped at his Ant Man size by Nemesis' former boss. Nemesis, no slouch at biochemistry himself, cured Pym and restored his powers, only to conscript him into infiltrating Avengers Mansion with him in order to steal its secrets--a plan which failed when Pym sprang his own trap on him.

During his encounter with Pym, Nemesis also was able to duplicate his size-changing ability. Unfortunately, Pym was more experienced at using it, which enabled him to get the drop on Nemesis (so to speak) and defeat him:

Nemesis later went on to various schemes involving size-changing, while coming up with a new twist where he could also affect an object's weight. But after more run-ins with Pym and the Wasp, as well as predictable encounters with the Micronauts and Bill Foster (as Giant-Man), the good Doctor proved to be more of a pest than a nemesis. The last I knew, he'd turned over a new leaf and was working on staff with the X-Men--but since supporting characters abruptly disappear whenever the X-Men book reboots, it's anyone's guess where his current whereabouts are.  You might want to start checking mobile homes parks.

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